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Martam Village Resort

Martam Village Resort is located in Martam, which is a small village lying in the east of Sikkim, & which has been built with a concept that is eco-friendly, rustic and traditional. The thirteen thatched cottages have been built in the traditional style using all natural materials to blend in with the surrounding village.

While staying at Martam Village Resort guests are given the opportunity to be close to nature in the comfort of modern amenities thus also enjoying a proximity to town, yet away from its hustle and bustle, to unwind and relax. The Martam Village Resort is considered to be one of the heritage hotels of India. 

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Martam Village Resort Resort Highlights

  1. Rich History: Martam Village Resort boasts a fascinating historical background, providing guests with a glimpse into the region’s cultural heritage.

  2. Comfortable Accommodation: Experience ultimate relaxation in our cozy and well-appointed rooms, ensuring a restful stay amidst picturesque surroundings.

  3. Culinary Delights: Treat your taste buds to exquisite dining experiences at our on-site restaurant, offering a diverse menu of local and international cuisines crafted by skilled chefs.

  4. Modern Facilities: Enjoy a plethora of modern amenities designed to elevate your stay, including high-speed internet, air conditioning, and luxurious bathroom amenities.

  5. Seamless Transport: Enjoy hassle-free transportation arrangements facilitated by our dedicated team, ensuring smooth transfers to nearby attractions and airports.

  6. International Connectivity: Stay connected with loved ones through our telephone and net-connectivity services, ensuring you remain in touch even while exploring remote landscapes.

  7. Entertainment Options: Unwind with a variety of entertainment options, including satellite TV channels available in your room, perfect for relaxing after a day of exploration.

  8. Round-the-Clock Service: Experience unparalleled hospitality with our 24-hour room service, catering to your every need and ensuring a comfortable stay at any hour.

  9. Laundry and Currency Services: Take advantage of our convenient laundry and currency exchange facilities, allowing you to travel light and manage your finances with ease.

  10. Peace of Mind: Relax with peace of mind knowing that safety features such as safe deposit lockers and on-call medical assistance are readily available, ensuring a worry-free stay for all guests.

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