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About Ganges River Cruises

India, itself, is an exceptional and vibrantly hued destination. A blending of old and modern, religious and earthly, natural and exotic. A luxury cruise on the Ganges River an adventure for the senses. The views, sounds, scents, tastes and more will delight you from the time you embark on your journey.

Cruise on Ganges

Ganges river cruises deliver you into the center of the country, they allow you to feel India more informally. Explore riverbank villages, take on rickshaws, and see the impressive terracotta temples. If wildlife is your thing, you may also be lucky sufficient to spot some Gangetic dolphins jumping in the water beside you as you dine on the floor.
The Ganges River is over 2,500km large and runs through India and Bangladesh. It starts its journey in the westbound Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttarakhand and gets its way south and east in the Gangetic Plain of India and Bangladesh, before ultimately flowing into the Bay of Bengal.
Many tourists arrive in India to experience the rich our culture, they involve themselves in the hustle and bustle, the views and smells, but not all of them see life from the river.
Time onboard our cruise ship is comfortable and relaxed. We go out of our way to create sure you have a period and time to enjoy your surroundings as much as possible. Dining can be inside or out, depending on the time of year you are going and of course, the weather.
If you do want to take part, we hold talks and presentations from local Indian people, to make your trip that more useful.

Cruise on Ganges
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